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I'm Portuguese, my name is Andreia, but that's just boring, so you can call me totoro *i use this nickname for ages*...
i'm also a student of the 3nd year of University and a japan lover in all senses...
Basically i'm a nerd xD but in a good way.

I love NEWS, ARASHI and KANJANI8, very much!

i love:


~my favorite ♥ imamade arigatou!
news daisuki ♥
(c)musica-chan @ lj


i love you so much bunny ♥



Love u all <3 really!

Kanjani 8

XD dorks!
(c)georgiaannaa @ lj


LOL! i just love this show so much!!! (c)[info]ryogifaday

When Nino does this:

ahahaha <3


horny~ ryo :3 (c) [info]ryogifaday


Someday i want to be just like you :3


»»Nouf-chan, i love you so much more, thank you for everything ♥

Nouf-chan... i really love u!

~~ :3 ~~

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NewsYuu [userpic]

Since i'm always the one reading my friends articles, here on Lj. Maybe it's time to show a little bit more of myself, since i'm the only one having fun ;D

Today i went out with some friends, just to drink a cup of coffee, have a little chitchat and pretend we love each other... i mean, we did loved each other once...
There was a time when we were friends and we could count on each other, but now it seems a social obligation, or something like that.
But i'm not heartless! It seems i'm not interesting anymore... or that or i'm the one not interested! I have my friends of university and all, and my everyday is quite enjoyable, but this few people that i used to love more than my own family, sometimes, now they are strangers.

And for ages, that was hurting me. Feeling that i was loosing such important people in my life, because of "time". That little thing that can easily be resolved if we really want to.
But today i realised something... Is not hurting anymore.
It doesn't make me wanna cry anymore.

Now they are "just friends", but even so, we still do the cortesy of hanging out, one time in a month... or two, really. And that's still sweet, because even if it is a big lie, from time to time i feel like i'm in high school again, when my only problems were to think: "Do you think that he realised already, that i'm in love with him?!".

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TORO-CHAN!! *hugs* I wish i could be with you right now and hug you real tight..
I have friends like that too. I always regret losing them but if it weren't for that, I could not have met those precious friends that I have right now :))

arigatou~ abby-chan you are so precious <3 *hugs back*
i feel the same, ^^, i felt amazing when i realised that everything was ok, right now. there are moments that i will keep with me forever. They helped me to be who i am today, but knowing how to accept the fact that there are some people in our life's that only come and go, is a sign of me growing up.
I do love very much my friends right now ne ^^
This is living <3

thanks for dropping by, sweetie <3

Hehe you too^^ ♪ You are my precious baby~ xDD
Good to know that you're looking it in a positive way. There are definitely more to come :))

it's always a pleasure :D