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I'm Portuguese, my name is Andreia, but that's just boring, so you can call me totoro *i use this nickname for ages*...
i'm also a student of the 3nd year of University and a japan lover in all senses...
Basically i'm a nerd xD but in a good way.

I love NEWS, ARASHI and KANJANI8, very much!

i love:


~my favorite ♥ imamade arigatou!
news daisuki ♥
(c)musica-chan @ lj


i love you so much bunny ♥



Love u all <3 really!

Kanjani 8

XD dorks!
(c)georgiaannaa @ lj


LOL! i just love this show so much!!! (c)[info]ryogifaday

When Nino does this:

ahahaha <3


horny~ ryo :3 (c) [info]ryogifaday


Someday i want to be just like you :3


»»Nouf-chan, i love you so much more, thank you for everything ♥

Nouf-chan... i really love u!

~~ :3 ~~

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NewsYuu [userpic]
Theme Song of Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan (MP3)

Everytime the music starts to play i can't stop singing ... and i always remember ryo-chan while doing it :P
So i ripped the music from the PV!


I hope you guys enjoy it!
[bad english, i know! =/ ]

Mood: amusedamused

thanks dear :33 I love this song~ ♥

ohh, you welcome ^^

Thank you~

I didn't like this song at first, but now I sing along every time it plays.. XD

Yeah me too.. at first the music sound really awkward x)
I'm glad to be usefull :)


Doitashimashite :)

thanks a lot!^^

you're welcome ^^

thank you...^^

Take KUDOU san , I love this series.

Thank you

waaaaa thank u

thank you! finally a full version of Scar ^^

i was searching for the song... but i get tired of bad versions...
i'm pretty happy with the result :)
thank you for the comment <3

Thank you! :)

thank you very much

you´re welcome!
i loveeeeeee your icon <3 ^^

thank i love it too XD

thank you <3

love the drama
love ryo-chan
love the song.

Thank you forever X'DDD

xD you're welcome <3

thank you xD

i'm so happy to be usefull ^^

Arigatouuuuu ^^

I love this song!!!!

You're welcome hunny ^^
i added you too <3

Thank you so much! I love this song and yeah, making me think of Ryo whenever it plays is definetely a plus x3

i know the feeling ^^ <3

Thank YOU♪
this song so cool~

you're welcome!!
yeah the music is awesome! ^^

Well, I can't stop singing when the music starts too.
(Even if at the first time I annoyed it a lot)

Thank you so much^-^

i totally agree with you...
somehow now i found the music quit fun :)

you're welcome ^^